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Pre-game comment starter

Inspired by this...

The most likely player to move in that group is Dunn. The Yanks have mild interest, but it appeared the White Sox and Giants were pushing harder.

So fill in the blank for the comment starter: I would give up _____ for Adam Dunn.

I'll start. I would give up Thomas Neal, even though he is most likely real. I would probably give up Zack Wheeler. If the Nationals want more than that -- a Jonathan Sanchez or Brandon Belt -- forget it. As much as I'd hate to give up Neal/Wheeler, this is the only year that I trust Andres Torres and Aubrey Huff to be top-20 hitters in the NL. This is the only year that I trust the Giants to find five starting pitchers who are better than the league average. I'd throw in any non-Belt not on the 25-man roster, too.

I'm a little scared that Dunn's clankmittery eliminates all of the gains he brings with the bat, but, uh, well, down the hatch.

Also note that when you fill in the blank, you have to put something that the Nationals would want. "Eugenio Velez" or "my virginity" don't count.