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Post-game thread: Giants win, Velez hurt

If there weren’t any news on Eugenio Velez, there wouldn’t have been any way to have a post-game thread. Who can enjoy something as frivolous as baseball when a member of the team was somewhere in the E.R. after taking a line drive to the head? Luckily, everything is okay:

Eugenio Velez will spend the night in St. Joseph's hospital and is "doing okay, considering" according to team trainer Dave Groeschner

Yikes. The "considering" part makes me wince every time I read it. In the big picture, he’s doing okay. For all practical purposes, he’s having a pretty miserable night. Best wishes to Eugenio Velez.

So it’s a bittersweet victory. Still pretty sweet, of course. More sweet than bitter, bitter than sweet. I’m starting to think that Sabean shouldn’t move Madison Bumgarner or Buster Posey at the trade deadline. Those guys have a chance to be pretty good. Remember, you read that here first!