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Post-game thread: Giants coast to easy victory

Beauty. Pure, unfiltered beauty.

Bruce Bochy gets exactly one get-out-of-being-belittled-for-a-stupid-decision card. They don’t come around often, but here you go, skip. Heck, take two. I didn’t think Bochy had the Billy Martin-sized combo of brains and huevos to go out and call Don Mattingly on a technicality. But Bochy found a way to take away the opponent’s morbidly obese rook by pointing out that the king didn’t castle properly. Or something. Awesome.

The game started like it usually does -- with one of the Giants’ great young pitchers messing himself on the Dodger Stadium mound. The Dodgers had five runs, and it was time for the Giants to roll over and quietly drift off. Except they didn’t. They started winging Dodgers with fastballs. The Dodgers didn’t like that. Words were exchanged. The rivalry was alive.

Then the Giants started hitting. Did you know that the Giants have scored more runs in July than any other team in the majors? Offensive juggernaut. It would be irresponsible to say that it’s all because of Posey, so I’ll just write this: It’s all because of Posey.

Oh, and Andres Torres is fantastic again. The Pablo of yore is the Pablo of now. Welcome back. Edgar Renteria had a great at-bat in the ninth. Aaron Rowand laid down a perfect sacrifice bunt, which had to be his first bunt in a few years. Everything worked tonight. Beauty. Pure, unfiltered beauty.

There’s magic inside. And a little alchemy. Maybe some dark arts. And a big, fat, dusty law book that no one pays attention to except for the slow-moving guy behind the desk. It’s like we just watched Charlie Brown pull the ball away from Lucy. How did the bad things tonight not happen to the Giants? So, so satisfying.