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Fears, worries, and other fun stuff

Because this site is so focused on reporting the positive aspects of Giants baseball, there are times when I have to force myself to write something negative. This is one of those times.

Here’s a list of worries and fears I currently have regarding the San Francisco Giants baseball club:

  • I worry that Eli Whiteside will start more than 40% of the time.
  • I worry that the Giants will enter the trading deadline in limbo, not sure if they’re buyers or sellers.
  • I worry that the Giants’ team ERA will rise in the second half, and that a vocal group of correlation-equals-causation goofballs will blame it all on Buster Posey.
  • I worry that Aubrey Huff isn’t Fred McGriff in his prime, and that he’ll seriously regress in the second half.
  • I worry that Matt Cain will never develop a great strikeout pitch, which is the only thing between his current awesomeness and a Tom Seaver-kind of awesomeness. Note these are both below a Mike Seaver-kind of awesomeness, which only Tim Lincecum has achieved, the little scamp.
  • I don’t worry that Pablo Sandoval’s 2010 was a complete fluke. Dude’s young. He deserves patience. And patience deserves him. I hope. I do worry, though, that his performance against left-handers last year was a fluke. His minor league splits indicate that Sandoval is a player with some substantial platoon issues, which isn’t something we saw last year.
  • I worry that the bullpen is going to get overworked, which makes me worried that I’m worried about the starting pitching being ineffective, which worries me.
  • I don’t worry that young hitters won’t ever get a fair trial under Bruce Bochy. I know it. The final stage is acceptance, and that’s when the healing can begin.
  • I worry that Aaron Rowand won his job back after two strong games. Two.
  • I worry that Jeremy Affledt is broken. I worry that he’ll be broken next season too.
  • I worry that John Bowker will never, ever, ever, ever get a chance to succeed with the Giants. I worry that the next team who employs him will be in the N.L. West.
  • I worry that Bruce Bochy thinks that Travis Ishikawa’s .355 average in 31 at-bats as a pinch-hitter is evidence of anything. Not because I’m scared they’ll mismanage Ishikawa – it scares me because that’s a silly thing for anyone to believe.
  • I worry that the Giants will never win again. Ever.

Thanks for being with me during this uncharacteristically anxious time. It’ll be all sunshine and puppies again tomorrow, like it usually is, I promise. Here’s a sample: I don’t worry about Bengie Molina being in the lineup anymore. I don’t worry about that!

Comment starter: What’s inside your anxiety closet?