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Post-game thread: Dodgers win a...wait a sec....

It's easy to look too hard for big, seismic shifts that explain why the Giants could beat the Dodgers in July when they couldn't before.

Buster Posey

#28 / Catcher / San Francisco Giants





Mar 27, 1987

Baseball's a fluky game. One day the hits are falling in, and the next they're getting caught. There's no mystery to it. So it doesn't make a lot of sense to pin too much importance on the random changes the Giants have made.

Madison Bumgarner

#40 / Pitcher / San Francisco Giants





Aug 01, 1989

I mean, you can if you want to.



Maybe I will.

But I'd also like to take a second to welcome last year's Jeremy Affeldt back. He's a little sheepish, and he knows he did wrong, but we forgive you. Nice job.

That strange, sticky substance all around you? Momentum. I hope.