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Post-game thread: Giants sweep Mets, lose one-game series against home plate umpire

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And that happened.

The Giants were about to lose. Then they won. Then they didn’t. And then they lost.

Phil Cuzzi had a dreadful game. If he were a shortstop, he would have had six errors. If he were a reliever, he would have given up nine earned runs. If he were an umpire, he’d be a disgrace. Oh, hey, I guess that last one fits. But there were other reasons fo the loss. Freddy Sanchez could have done anything other than hit a weak dribbler with the winning run in scoring position. Brian Wilson could have had a quiet tenth. Eli Whiteside could have called for a fastball instead of five sliders to Ike Davis.

No, just kidding. It was the umpire’s fault. The Giants won. The Giants swept the Mets after a dramatic ninth-inning comeback.