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minor lines, 7/13/10

Tuesday highlights from the Giants farm?  Editorial: Those were not allowed because full-season affiliates might be too much competition for the MLB all-star exhibition.

AAA: Fresno had the second day of its three-day all-star break

Grizzlies on PCL leaderboards in selected stats:
AVG: (none--Guzman leads team at .297 among qualifiers)
OBP: Bond 4th
SLG: (none--Borchard leads team at .489 among qualifiers)
HR: (none--Borchard, Pill, and Guzman tied for team lead with 10)
RBI: Pill 9th
SB: Velez 4th, Graham 5th
ERA: Bumgarner 8th, Martinez 10th
WHIP: (none--Martinez and Yourkin lead team at 1.28)
K: Hacker 3rd
IP: (none--Hacker leads team with 98.1)
W: Hacker 4th
Sv: Espineli 11th

AA: Richmond had the first day of its two-day all-star break

Flying Squirrels on Eastern League leaderboards in selected stats:
AVG: (none--Timpner and Neal lead team at .284)
OBP: (none--Timpner leads team at .353)
SLG: (none--Neal leads team at .424)
HR: (none--Neal leads team with 8)
RBI: (none--Neal leads team with 45)
SB: Ford 2nd
ERA: Maday 2nd, Tanner 10th
WHIP: Mixon 3rd, Maday 7th
K: (none--Mixon leads team with 75)
IP: Mixon 3rd
W: Mixon 2nd, Maday 4th
Sv: Cova 2nd

A+: San Jose had a scheduled off-day
(Their next scheduled off-day is July 26.)

Giants on Cal League leaderboards in selected stats:
AVG: Belt 1st
OBP: Belt 1st
SLG: Belt 1st, Culberson 7th
HR: Culberson 10th
RBI: Belt 7th
SB: Peguero 3rd, Adrianza 8th, Belt 10th
ERA: Surkamp 5th, Fitzgerald 8th
WHIP: Surkamp 1st, Odle 9th
K: Surkamp 2nd
IP: Surkamp 5th
W: Odle 1st
Sv: Stoffel 5th

A-: Augusta had a scheduled off-day
(Their next scheduled off-day is July 19.)

GreenJackets on SAL leaderboards in selected stats:
AVG: Liles 3rd
OBP: (none--Liles leads team at .365)
SLG: (none--Anders leads team at .467)
HR: Dominguez 4th, Joseph 10th
RBI: Dominguez 6th
SB: (none--Crawford and Liles lead team with 17)
ERA: Bucardo 5th
WHIP: Bucardo 5th
K: Bucardo 7th
IP: Bucardo 2nd
W: Bucardo 2nd
Sv: (none--Jarvis leads team with 7)

ssA: Salem-Keizer lost to Boise 7-4

Salem-Keizer: 2B Raynor Campbell: 3 for 5, 3B, 2B
Salem-Keizer: C Andrew Burg: 1 for 2, 2 BB

Salem-Keizer: SP Shane Kaufman: 5.0 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 5 K--1 WP
Salem-Keizer: RP Matt Graham: 2.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB--1 HR

Campbell extended his hitting streak to seven games with the Volcanoes' only multi-hit line that included his 2nd triple and 6th double.  Burg also reached base three times.

Kaufman had not allowed more than four hits in any of his previous five appearances (two starts).  He yielded 8 H this time but just 2 R.  With 5 K and 0 BB, he also lifted his K/BB ratio above 2.00.  Graham made his second relief appearance following two starts.  He has been too hittable in his pro career so far with 21 H and 3 HR in 14.1 IP (.344 BAA).

R: Giants defeated Indians 3-2

Scottsdale: 2B Wes Hobson: 2 for 4, 3B, BB
Scottsdale: RF Devin Harris: 2 for 4, HR, 2B

Scottsdale: SP Kendry Flores: 5.0 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K
Scottsdale: RP Ryan Bean: 2.0 IP, 1 BB, 4 K--1 WP, 1 BK

Playing in his eleventh pro game, Harris had his 1st pro HR and 3rd double.  Hobson was one of two other rookie Giants with two hits as he reached base three times.

Making his fifth start, Flores had his longest start of the season and his first start with no earned runs, as well as his first start with no walks.  His ERA remains just above 7.50, but he got his first win.  Bean, who had struck out just three batters in his previous four appearances, struck out half his eight batters.

DSL: Giants defeated Yankees1 9-5

Dominican: CF Jesus Galindo: 2 for 2, 2B, 2 BB, SB
Dominican: SP Luis Angeles: 4.0 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 0 K
Dominican: RP Yeini Martinez: 4.0+ IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB

Batting ninth, Galindo (19.10 y.o.) reached base in all four plate appearances and had 5 RBIs.  He also had his 24th SB.  Breaking the stereotype, he appears to be the kind of hitter willing to walk off the island given his 25 BB but just 17 H (.200 AVG).  Despite not striking anyone out, Angeles (20.7 y.o.) and Martinez (19.7 y.o.) allowed just 1 ER (although 5 R) through 8.0 IP.  Both have ERAs below 2.00.