Brian Sabean Can't Return Calls

In a recent article by Buster Olney he mentioned that he had conducted a poll of GM's around the league to get a feel for how GM's interact with one another, but was surprised to learn that Brian Sabean is hated by other GM's almost as much as he is hated by the Giants fans. Okay, actually I made that part up, but it could be true. What Olney said was that other GM's don't like trying to put together deals with Sabean because they can't get him on the phone and he often doesn't bother to return calls. Some of them don't even bother calling him anymore, while others choose to reach out to assistant Bobby Evans. So while it remains true that no one hates him nearly as much as Giants fans, other GM's don't necessarily like him a whole lot.

Last night while the whole Benjie trade was going down and I was looking back on some of the articles posted about Bruce Bochy on his way out of San Diego and Bork's refusal to play Posey last September, I thought maybe old Sabes isn't as bad as we all think he is. Maybe, it's Bork who insists on only playing position players who have pinups of Bea Arthur and Betty White in their lockers and who gravitate toward the Jell-O and Metamucil on the buffet table. Maybe this was Sabean's way of making Bork play Posey and this meant that Bork was close to being on his way out the door. While all of that may still be entirely true--and if it is Sabean needs to grow a pair and fire Bork--Olney was there to remind me that Brian Sabean remains incompetent and we are now privy to one of the ways factors that produce the product of his incompetence.

While others may see this as a bad thing, I don't think the Giants as a team or organization will ever be able to overcome Sabean's and Bork's ineptness to win a World Series, much like a cake baked with the finest ingredients will never be able to overcome the inclusion of a Cleveland steamer baked in the middle of it; consequently, the more attention Sabean gets for being the worst GM in baseball the more likely we are to be rid of him. And since the local press has only recently started to direct any criticism whatsoever towards Sabean, maybe the national press will be able to do their job for them, that is as long as they don't get distracted by Derek Jeter changing his brand of douche or Kevin Youkalis buying a new car.

To summarize: The Giants have lost 5 straight, but they just traded Bengie Molina, there's at least some evidence that Sabean could be moving towards firing Bork, and the national media is directing negative attention towards Sabean that will hopefully lead to his departure. Yup, all in all, I think the last 24 hours could be the best this year for Giants fans.

Now talk amongst yourselves and to preemptively answer your questions: No I'm not a moron nor am I high, TWSS, and yes they need to add another bat.

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