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The Outfield

To recap the 2010 outfield:

  • The Giants, showing remarkable patience, don’t sign a crusty veteran to start in right field, essentially handing the job to Nate Schierholtz.
  • Fred Lewis is given away for $75,000
  • Schierholtz doesn’t hit well in Spring Training. John Bowker does. Bowker wins the job, and Bochy assures the world that Bowker won’t be platooned.
  • Bowker is platooned.
  • After going 7-for-37 to start the season, Bowker loses his job to Schierholtz, who starts off the season by going 7-for-20 (.350!), including two infield hits.
  • Eugenio Velez fits in somewhere around here, but I took out the lobe of my brain that's responsible for storing those memories. All it took was a bottle of bourbon and a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Schierholtz hits and fields well at the end of April and start of May, but right around the middle of May, he starts to slump badly. He goes 2-for-27, ostensibly because he hurt his shoulder diving for a ball. During this time, Andres Torres hits the snot out of the ball, securing whatever spot in the outfield Bochy wants to give him, and Posey’s call-up shifts Huff to the outfield.
  • Aaron Rowand plays every single day after Huff and Torres are outfield regulars, even thought over his last 100 at-bats, Rowand has hit .154/.183/.260 with 27 strikeouts. Just for comparison, over Barry Zito’s last 100 at-bats, he’s hit .139/.195/.139 with 26 strikeouts.
  • June comes, and Schierholtz was lost in a tragic schooner accident. At least, that’s my guess, because he hasn’t started a game this month.

It looks like Andres Torres is a fixture unless he burns up upon reentry. No complaints. Aubrey Huff needs to play in the outfield if Buser Posey is starting at first. I'd prefer that Posey starts at catcher, but that's not going to happen, so okay. That leaves one outfield spot open on most days, and it looks like it’s a quasi-platoon between Aaron Rowand (playing center) and Pat Burrell (who moves Torres to center).

Perfect sense. It all makes perfect sense. Schierholtz is too injured to swing a bat properly, but not injured enough to go on the disabled list, and Rowand will stop hitting like Barry Zito any day now. Schierholtz is buried on the bench after a bad two-week stretch, essentially losing his job to a guy who hit like a pitcher for the last month. Bowker gets sent down after irregular (and mostly horrible) at-bats. Burrell comes over to play left a good chunk of time. It all leads to our poll/comment starter: