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Post-Game Thread: Giants come back, beat Reds

Quick notes:

  • I don't want to get nuts here, so I'll just calmly note that Andres Torres might be the greatest fielder I've ever seen.
  • Giants ERA before this game: 3.27. Giants ERA during Buster Posey starts in 2010: 5.00. Science. What say the Bochy haters now?
  • Posey said that Zito threw the ball "well." Not good, but "well." Be still my grammar nerd heart. He's a 60 on the 20-to-80 grammar scouting scale right now, but he has 80 potential, which would mean he'd use "whom" correctly every time.
  • With the bases loaded with one out in the sixth, and Barry Zito up, the only reason not to pinch-hit is if Zito is pitching an absolute gem. I don't usually find fault with how Bruce Bochy manages his pitching staff, but in this case, his ability to doink up an offense superseded one of his managerial strengths.
  • Breaking from CSN Bay Area: Mark DeRosa's wrist is hurt.
  • California did not slide into the sea. The moon is still aloft in the heavens. The magnetic poles did not reverse. Buster Posey caught a full game without incident, and he looked pretty damned good doing it. More, please.