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Post-game thread: Giants take game, series

Dear Giants Brass,

We know you don’t like statistics. We’re pretty sure you think that the devil has a pocket protector, and hell is wallpapered with spreadsheets. So, fine. We’ll play it your way.

Right now, Buster Posey is the best hitter on your team. Forget his minor league statistics. Forget his gaudy average since his call-up. Watch the at-bats. Pitchers attack Posey with a plan. Posey recognizes the plan and adjusts accordingly. He’ll take the pitch to the opposite field when that’s what the pitcher gives him. He tries to get the count in his favor, and when he gets there, he looks for a pitch to crush. He makes the pitcher work like few others on the Giants right now.

Maybe it’s too soon to say he’s the best hitter on the team right now, what with Aubrey Huff, Andres Torres, and Freddy Sanchez all swinging the bat well. But for the love of Bonds, he’s good.

It’s bad enough that you’re so obstinate and bizarre about Posey not replacing the 4-for-his-last-168 Bengie Molina behind the plate. But don’t compound the mistake by removing Posey for pinch-runners and defensive replacements every chance you get. Aubrey Huff is clomping around in left field in most of the late innings. Pablo Sandoval had a huge learning curve when he played third last year, but you wouldn’t have dreamed of removing him for a defensive replacement in a tie game last year. He was one of the only hitters with any talent. Start treating Buster Posey that way. If you’re so concerned about him playing out of position, then, gee, maybe play him in position.

Only you could make me twitch during a win. You took a series on the road, only dropping the Wellemeyer game. Fine work. But, man, stop acting like the veterans were the only reason you were scoring runs in the past. You weren’t scoring runs then, and now the people involved are just getting older.


Some guy in his mother’s basement

P.S. Lincecum and Sandoval were both fantastic today, for the most part. Please make that happen again.

P.P.S.: Brian Wilson is still a damn fine closer, but please make him throw more strikes when he needs to.