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Post-Game Thread: Giants lose after threatening late

Well, that was a frustrating ending. Dammit.

So the Giants brought up Buster Posey to hit. He has. But in order to get in the lineup, he has to play out of position. This means that he'll have to regularly come out on double switches for defense. He doesn't have to, of course, but Bruce Bochy seems to think so.

The reason Buster Posey has to play out of position is because Bengie Molina is the catcher and cleanup hitter. Molina is also one of the worst hitters on the team, but he's swinging the bat well, according to Bochy. Of course he is. Bochy's sixth sense for hitting is why this team has regularly ranked 14th and 15th in runs scored in the National League, but never 16th. It's a deft touch.

This isn't why they lost the game. But this is just a window into the mind of someone who doesn't understand how runs are formed. They need to do way instain lineup.

If only Edgar Renteria were back.