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Post-game thread: I'll just put this up now because I have work to do

I don’t want the Giants to lose. I want them to squeak into the playoffs. I want red-white-and-blue bunting around the perimeter of field. Maybe Huey Lewis can throw out a first pitch or sing the anthem, or something. I want the Giants to win.


If they have to lose -- and it certainly looks like the laws of physics are conspiring against the team -- maybe there will be some change. Maybe the investors will want a manager who doesn’t have "Yakity Sax" playing over the silent movie of his career. Maybe the investors will figure out that the offense has been bad for six straight years. and that the person responsible for building a good offense doesn’t really know how.

Maybe. I’d rather the team not lose. But if they have to lose, at least I can hope for a reason to hope. So this is a win/win situation. Except for all the losing. Other than that, there will be a positive outcome at the end of the season.

Unless, what , the Giants just keep thinking that Sabean and Bochy are the right people for the job, regardless of on-field performance? Yeah, I’d like to see that happen. No way. Either the Giants win, or they get new management to put the team in a position to win. THERE IS NO OTHER, SCARIER ALTERNATIVE. It’s a binary set. This can’t just continue on indefinitely.