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Post-game thread: Giants lose again. And again. And again.

One of these games, in one of these seasons, Buster Posey is going to crank a ninth-inning home run against the Dodgers that will either tie or win the game. Everyone will go bananas. This is all just build-up for that time.

So what was was the best "turn it off" moment in this game?

  • When Matt Cain gave up yet another devastating two-strike, two-out hit?
  • When Pablo Sandoval made the worst baserunning blunder of the season past 23 hours?
  • When Edgar Renteria hit into his 181st double play of the series?
  • When Bengie Molina allowed yet another sloppy passed ball?
  • When Bengie Molina started the game, which is when these wise folks checked out?

Don’t worry. The veterans will hit their way out of this, just like last year. Especially Molina. Just keep giving him at-bat after at-bat. Make sure he starts consecutive games whenever possible. That’s how things will get done.

Brian Sabean has built a terrible offensive team for the sixth-straight season, yet he has all kinds of job security. Bruce Bochy has absolutely no idea what makes a good offense good and a bad offense bad, so even in the off chance that Sabean stumbles into some offensive talent, Bochy has no clue how to use it. Pablo Sandoval ate Eugenio Velez, and now Velez is controlling Sandoval like Kuato from "Total Recall." The once-magic starting pitching is looking tired and ineffective every...single...freaking...night now.

That's not magic inside, and I demand a refund. At least hook me up with a free thing of garlic fries, please.