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Post-game thread: Giants throw a Molotov cocktail at our soul

Organizational scapegoat Aaron Rowand had a very, very nice at-bat in the ninth inning. He worked the count full, spit on some close pitches, and ripped a single into center field. Organizational darling Buster Posey didn’t have a bad at-bat, per se, but he flailed at the one pitch he couldn’t flail at. And that’s the story of the offense right now. Even when the Giants get an unexpected lift from an unlikely source, it doesn’t matter because everyone is swinging a dead cat right now.

Also, Pablo Sandoval might not be the worst baserunner in the game, but, brother, he’s not good. He’s a good soldier, though, as the city would have burned to the ground if Molina hit into a double play the next at-bat. Which he would have. So that was very sweet of Pablo.

And, hey, if Casey Blake never existed, then manbeast Carlos Santana would still be on the Dodgers. So when the McCovey Chronicles time machine is operational -- and it will be, once I get my hands on some technetium-99 -- Blake’s parents are safe. Let’s think big picture.

It’s easy to blame Santiago Casilla for the 3-2, 97 MPH meatball over the heart of the plate. And it’s not like he doesn’t deserve a good portion of the blame, but a terrible offense will always magnify bullpen struggles.

Also, that game was awful. Two consecutive wins, and I’ll forget all about it. Get on it, Giants.