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Post-game thread: Red Sox make early homers stand up

After an inning-and-a-third, Madison Bumgarner had allowed four earned runs on two home runs. The members of Red Sox Nation at Mays Field were sniffing blood, thinking about that one game from 2001, when the Sox beat then-prospect Jason Marquis in an interleague game against Atlanta.

Just kidding. Most of the Red Sox Nation Mays Field today weren't really paying attention to baseball in 2001. Too dreary. But they would have thought about Jason Marquis if they were fans back then! Hopefully Bumgarner is more than a league-average innings-eater like Marquis. I forget where I was going with this. I mostly just wanted to take a shot at Red Sox fans. Let's try that again.

After the home run from Mike Cameron, there was no way you could have convinced me that Bumgarner was going to finish the seventh. So here's to small victories in larger defeats. The kid looked good. Posey looked good catching him. And though the Giants COULDN'T HIT A MISERABLE MISH-MASH OF SLOP-THROWING MOP-UP MEN, there was at least a little something to take away from this game