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Post-game thread: Giants walk everyone three times, still win

Caption contest!
Caption contest!

Quick jottings:

  • It’s early in the season. And maybe I’m drunk on hyperbole bourbon. But the drag bunt by Jonathan Sanchez tonight was the greatest hit in the history of baseball. It was, at least, one of the most perfectly executed drag bunts in the past decade. It was also one of the least expected hits of the decade, maybe just behind the inside-the-park homer from Aubrey Huff, and certainly behind the first triple at Mays Field (courtesy of Doug Mirabelli).
  • Santiago Casilla has stuff that’s as good as Brian Wilson’s. He just has no idea where it’s going. The difference between paying a pitcher like that $5M a year and finding him on top of a pile of glass bottles in the bin of recyclables. Maybe it’s a bad night to point that out, as the Giants walked 12,301 batters in nine innings tonight. Everyone was Santiago Casilla tonight, with the exception of Guillermo Mota, who was more of a Jairo Garcia.
  • Brian Wilson is still one of the best relievers of the game. But what in the absolute hell was that after there were two down, Brian? Don’t do that to us. The only amusing part about that outing was the worst pitch he threw all night was the one Darnell McDonald ground to short to end the game.’s a fine line.
  • Quote of the night, from Mike Krukow: "It’s not so often that you see the 9-hole go 4-for-4, partner." The Red Sox can’t keep up with our mastery of National League ball!
  • I didn’t turn the game off after Youklis’s home run, but that’s only because there wasn’t a "Good Eats" marathon on another channel. I wouldn’t have bet a copy of Superman 64 on the Giants’ chances of winning after that.

Look, not all Boston fans are bad. Maybe it’s just a small, vocal minority that give the rest a bad name. But some of that vocal minority were there tonight, and they were obnoxious. They were on their feet, expecting a win, as Brian Wilson made Giants fans soil their pants. Oh, the hubris. And now they’re slowing going down the 1% grade, Escher-designed ramp at Mays Field, head down, as people in Giants jackets throw peanuts at them. That kind of moment is why we follow baseball, folks.