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Post-game thread: Giants decline Astro fielders bearing gifts, Zito struggles

That game stunk.

Zito was the old Zito, which means he was the old new Zito, which came after the regular Zito who signed for a billion dollars. The difference between the new old Zito and the old new Zito is the curveball. Tonight he didn't have it.

The Astros tried to hand the game to the Giants on several occasions, even going so far as to return a gift-wrapped double play in a crucial spot. The fifth inning was a horrific defensive display by the Astros. Here, Giants, please get back in the game. The Giants weren't especially interested.

Buster Posey didn't start for a second straight night, and he wasn't one of the three pinch-hitters used. Even worse, Bengie Molina's line from tonight looks fine -- 1-for-3 with a walk -- until you realize the walk was intentional and the single was a double play grounder through the hole left by the shortstop covering on a steal attempt. But it looks fine. If you wanted to spin it into something positive, you could convince yourself to do so. I think Bruce Bochy will do just that. More proof that if the Giants acquire a hitter, he'll need to be better than Posey, because that's who'll be sitting to make room.

That game stunk.