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Post-game thread: Giants avoid the sweep

I hope Bengie Molina goes 135 for his next 180. I hope Aaron Rowand snorts Tris Speaker's ashes and hits .345 for the rest of his career. I root for the San Francisco Giants professional baseball club, thank you very much. I want this team to win.

I want this team to win, but would it kill Brian Wilson to slow down a little bit? What's with the inning under 67 pitches? I'm trying to write here. Anyways...

So, this isn't a bittersweet win because the busted vets helped out. This is a win that tastes like It's-Its and 12-year bourbon because it's a win -- they all do. Well, the Tigers' win tonight might have tasted like a cadaver finger in a glass of salt water, but that's an outlier. A win is a win is a win.

What I'd really like is for management to make intelligent decisions. That's a wish that can be independent of tonight's win.

Also of note: Matt Cain is really, really good.