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Choose your own adventure: Aaron Rowand

This post is in no way affiliated with the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series, which is apparently still around. It was never my intent to harm this highly visible book series, and I apologize for burdening the company with any unwanted attention.


You are the manager of the San Francisco Giants. One of your star players, Aaron Rowand, is in a slump. It’s not just a typical slump, either. It’s a soul-gnashing, gutter slump of biblical proportions. Everyone in the ballpark knows that Rowand will swing at the low, outside breaking ball. The pitcher can stand on the mound and scream with a Cockney accent, "With your permission, guv’nor, I’d like to throw a low, outside breaking ball" as the Jefferson Starship song "You’re About To See a Breaking Ball Out of the Strike Zone" plays over the PA, and the player will still swing and miss at the low, outside breaking ball.

What do you do?

Bench him (Page 26)

Let him play through his slump (Page 3)

Wait, how are you defining "star"? (Page 30)