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Post-Game Recap: LOL FRED

It's always fun to watch a position player work a 3-0 count and then swing at 3 straight pitches, only one of which was probably a strike (and a borderline one at that).

It's always fun to watch as the pitcher continues to throw something like ten straight pitches out of the zone after that.

It's always fun to have a runner thrown out at home by ten feet with no one out in the inning.

It's always fun to watch a pitcher throw 8 superb innings, only to lose because of shoddy defense (but no errors!), a broken bat single and a home run.

It's always fun to watch Bengie Molina and Aaron Rowand go for a combined 0-6.

Not a great start to the road trip.

But, hey, at least Fred Lewis went 0-4!