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Post-game thread: Giants whomp on the Orioles

It’s tough to distribute the plaudits fairly for a game like tonight’s. On one hand:

  • The Giants scored ten -- ten! -- runs, ah, ah, ah. Pat Burrell went deep. Everyone had a walk or two. Andres Torres continues to look like a legitimate All-Star, and clutch hits were the rule, not the exception. If the Giants could just put a couple of those hits in some dry ice, and mail them back to Jonathan Sanchez’s starts against the Padres earlier this year, everyone would win. Well, except for the Padres, but that’s the point.

On the other hand:

  • Jonathan Sanchez was efficient as all heck, throwing three pitches for strikes the whole night. Sanchez has been fantastic this year, and he’s a lot of things, but efficient as all heck isn’t one of them. Sure, it was the Orioles, you might say, but any major league team can stand around while the starting pitcher throws four straight fastballs out of the zone if you give them a chance to do so.

So who deserves the credit? The offense, or Jonathan Sanchez?


Enjoy it. Wins that don’t prematurely age you don’t come around very often. Giants baseball: torture pleasant. Quite.