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Post-game thread: Oh, *that* Lincecum

That game was seventeen different kinds of awesome.

First off, it’s kind of an unfortunate tradition to ignore the contributions of the players who don’t have favored nation status around here. So, well done, Bengie. Way to work back from an 0-2 count. Boffo home run in a good spot. That goes for Pat Burrell too. The Giants could use a lot more of those two-run home runs. Two or three per game, and they’ll win a bunch!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s all think about the coming awesome apocalypse.

See, Tim Lincecum is established awesome. Two Cy Youngs awesome. He came up from the minors, unloaded a fire extinguisher of awesome all up on the league, and he’s been awesome since. That three start stretch of wonky-control funkiness? A ruse to root out the non-believers. He’s still awesome, and he just struck your mom out on a changeup if you weren’t one of the true believers.

But Buster Posey is awesome, too. It’s more of a speculative awesome, as he isn’t as established as Lincecum, but it’s still awesome in solid, liquid, and gaseous forms. The noodles in power plunked Posey down at first so they could shift Aubrey Huff to left, which put Pablo Sandoval at shortstop, Matt Cain was in center....none of it made sense. But Posey said, fine, I’ll play first. And he did. And he did so quite well. He dove, and leapt, and started 3-6-3 double plays. And he hit booming triples off of nasty relievers.

One of these days, the clouds of awesome in the clubhouse will combine. Scientists argue as to what that will mean, but it’s a little scary. There’s a chance it could open up a black hole, or a portal to another dimension. Until then, it’s just awesome.

Fine game, chaps. Also, awesome.