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Post-game thread: Giants win more innings than the Reds, lose game

Well, that was fun. Now bring on those A's!

Edit: Natto wrote the above sentence. Grant wrote the rest. Don't blame Natto for the idiocy you're about to read.

Hey, that was wasn't the score that was there when I went into the meeting....

Guillermo Mota hasn't done this to us yet, and on a day when the starter left after the second inning, you have to figure that one of the relievers is going to have an off outing. It just stings a wee bit more when it's in the eighth inning, though.

This was the regression to the mean game. Denny Bautista isn't a 1.00 ERA kind of guy, and his peripherals indicated as much. Poof! His ERA is now 3.52, much closer to reality. Mota isn't a 1.00 ERA kind of guy, and while his walk rate is excellent, his strikeout rate isn't that good. Poof! His ERA is 2.42 now, which is still impressive, but it's a bit more realistic. Of course, using ERA to evaluate relievers is kind of silly, but it's hard not to be superficially impressed when the pitchers in question have goofy-low ERAs.

And none of this applies to Santiago Casilla, who has an arm of fire and magic and will have a sub-2.00 ERA for the rest of the year.

Not sure how to feel about this one yet. It's nice not to have to blame Todd Wellemeyer and/or an impotent offense for a loss, but if Wellemeyer doesn't mess the bed and the Giants score six runs, those are the games the Giants should win.

I'll take a 4-3 road trip. Not bad at all, even if two of the wins came against the Pirates. That doesn't mean all three losses on the trip weren't incredibly frustrating, though.