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Lincecum gets Cained, Rowand stays hot, Giants win

Tim Lincecum has been cained three straight times now, going 21 innings in those three games, allowing seven earned runs, striking out 32 while walking four. No wins. He must lack heart or something. 'Cause a winner wouldn't care about all of those fancy "outs." He'd just win. It's weird

It's hard to write, "Great win!" for a game like this. Walks and walks and walks and bloops and walks and flukey, wind-aided doubles. But, hey, great win. A 4-2 road trip after the successful homestand? I'll take that every time, even considering the opposing-catcher-related indigestion.

Also of note, Aaron Rowand has already doubled his 2009 total of perfectly timed home runs. Without Rowand, the Giants could well have been 2-4 on the road trip. Maybe it's just selective amnesia working here, but I can't remember another series on which he had this much of a concentrated, positive impact.

Giants baseball: torture.