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Post-game thread: Mets walk off again

It's not fair, but I'm blaming Bengie Molina for both of these losses. If Molina signed with the Mets, there's no way that Rod Barajas and Henry Blanco are hitting walk-off home runs against the Giants. You could bring up that Molina is hitting .325/.396/.450, and has been fantastic for the Giants this season, but that's not the point.

Plus, we all know that Buster Posey is made of magic (midichlorians, if you want to get technical about it...) so he'd not only be hitting .500/.700/1.200 right now, but he wouldn't dream of calling pitches that end up as walkoff home runs. Pure magic.

Sarcasm aside, it's not like you expect to win a Wellemeyer/Santana matchup, but this one still hurts. I feel like I've been shot in the gut by John Leguizamo, which coincidentally feels like what it felt like to watch an episode of "House of Buggin'." But I digress.