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Post-game thread: Giants tie, lose game in the ninth

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If this season goes anywhere -- if there's indeed magic inside, right next to the nougat center -- one of my favorite moments might be the John Bowker home run. Not for Bowker's sake, though it must have felt pretty good to get a little further away from the Mendoza line and tie the game at the same time, but because of Eli Whiteside's reaction. By pinch-hitting for Whiteside, Bruce Bochy implicitly acknowledged (rightfully so) that Whiteside wasn't as good as a guy hitting .200. When Bowker hit the homer, validating Bochy's judgment call, Whiteside was the most excited guy on the bench.

After a series sweep, that's what I'll take from a cruddy, hard-fought loss like this. Also, Jonathan Sanchez deserves a lot of credit for not folding up like an umbrella after SoloFest '10; two years ago, all of those home runs would have been followed by six walks.

At this point, though, I'd like to humbly request that Sergio Romo stop giving up home runs in inappropriate situations. You're still the official funky breaking ball, multiple arm slot reliever of McCovey Chronicles, but work with us here.