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Post-game thread: Giants win a wild one

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Two-out base hits, a bazillion strikeouts, three-run homers, 95-mph lefties relieving 97-mph righties, game-saving homers in the ninth inning with two

Of course, that wouldn't be the intro if the Giants would have lost. The intro in that case probably would have asked for help with bail. If the Giants turned a second straight brilliant start from Lincecum into a loss...words fail.

Instead, Aaron Rowand gets a chase-hanging-slider-free card for the rest of the week, nay, month. Brian Wilson gets a pat on the back for striking out Ronny Paulino with a runner on third in the ninth. Dan Runzler gets a richly deserved win. Plenty of hitters get credit. That's the first time that that sentence has been written in the history of this site.

Also of note: Tim Lincecum is good.

Fine way to start off the road trip.