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Post-game thread, Lincecum continues to struggle, Ubaldo continues to dominate

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This is certainly the ugliest stretch of Tim Lincecum's career, as he's walked five batters and given up four or more runs for the third straight start. At least, it's the ugliest stretch since his rookie season, and that's a pretty good comp for the 2010 Lincecum: rookie Lincecum.

He's had these kind of hiccup games before, but they've never been strung together like this. Is it panic time? Of course not. Great pitchers have bad stretches -- we're just spoiled. It'd be a lot less stressful, though, if he'd return to the strike-throwing demigod from April.

And you can complain about unsustainable BABIP shenanigans if you want, but Ubaldo Jimenez is in the middle of one of the greatest stretches of pitching in the past couple of decades. The Giants weren't going to touch him. I think it will be a while until we see a pitcher going this well (Jimenez) against a hitter going this poorly (Rowand) -- it was epic abuse. It was like watching the Lincoln/Douglass debates with Pedro Guerrero replacing Stephen Douglass.

At least Pablo raised his average today. Take that, Rockies!