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Post-Game thread: Giants take the series

And so, the Battle to Stay Just Above .500 was won by the good guys. Well, not good, per se. Kind of average. Which you could probably tell from the name of the battle. But ‘twas a fine game nonetheless.

There was a point in this game, right around the sixth inning, where I started to tally up my options. Just how could I effectively protest a Giants offense that couldn’t score more than a run against the back end of the Nationals’ rotation? Throwing a Molotov cocktail at a Greyhound bus? Too obvious. Not watching any games for the rest of the year? No, I’m too much of an idiot for that. Writing ineffective screeds on the internet? Pffft. I don’t have that kind of time.

Eventually, I settled on "pouting silently for the rest of the day" as my form of protest, and I would have done it too. So huzzah for Freddy Sanchez for his well-timed hit, huzzah for Nate Schierholtz for putting a good swing on an 0-2 pitch, and huzzah for Adam Dunn’s lumbering gait and marshmallow mitt, which started the rally in the first place.

And, lastly, huzzah to whoever decided that the white part of the right field wall was still in play. That’s probably the only time in the next 20 years that we’ll need to know that.