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Post-game thread: Giants demolish the Nationals, score four runs

Remember: We all got excited about an offensive explosion tonight, and the explosion consisted of four runs. The dam broke! The waves of runs came pouring over our heads! No one was spared! Runs! Runs! Waves of runs!

Four. They scored four runs. They lowered their season average for runs scored. And yet it felt kuje rybs wier hys...sorry about that, it seems like my keyboard was covered with runs that leaked out from my TV. I should get that checked.

So while I’m happy the Giants snapped a five-game losing streak, and I’m always a fan of a Giants win whether it comes with one hit or fifty, this win worried me just a little. Because there were a couple of reasons the Giants didn’t score for a few games:

  1. They aren’t especially good.
  2. They had awful, awful luck. Oh-for-25 with runners in scoring position over the past few games? Not even the Giants can own up to that kind of suck. That was just an absence of luck.

Tonight, the first point was still true.  The second point wasn’t. Todd Wellemeyer blooped a hit, Andres Torres roped a single, and Edgar Renteria threw his bat at a ball at his ankles for a single. One well-struck ball, one run. It’s kind of amazing that it hadn’t happened in the previous 26 innings.

So what scares me is the correlation-equals-causation percolating in Bochy’s head right now. With Schierholtz on the bench, and Bowker in timeout, the Giants had an offensive explosion. Four runs! Waves of runs!

Eh. I’ll shut up and enjoy the win now. Nice game, fellas. And it would be remiss to ignore the pretty sweet start from Wellemeyer. Maybe he’ll be a worthy fifth starter after all.