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Post-game thread: Lincecum fizzles, bullpen implodes

Lincecum hit his head on every rung on the way down. Post-game thread said he had one beer -- how many have you had?
Lincecum hit his head on every rung on the way down. Post-game thread said he had one beer -- how many have you had?

So this is how the other half lives. Wonky starting pitching and competent offensive stylings, all followed by wretched bullpen work. See, most teams don’t hold their opponents to two or three runs a game, alternating games in which they score one more or one less run. There are slobs out there who actually follow teams like this every day.

Actually, this game was kind of refreshing, in a way. Tim Lincecum is still pure magic, but every now and again, the sweet song of the forest nymphs eludes him. This was one of those times. John Bowker drove the ball well all game, and Lincecum didn’t get a loss hung on him after a rare bum start. I guess the only problem was that HORRIBLE, AWFUL BULLPEN IMPLOSION WITH WALKS, DOUBLES, WILD PITCHES, AND DOUBLES WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE HELL? Other than that, though, it wasn’t that bad of a game.

And for all of the horrific, indefensible umpiring the Giants have received this year, that pitch to Juan Uribe was really the last straw? Really? That slider was on the fringe of the strike zone, but it wasn’t a totally egregious call. Mat Latos gets pitches that wing the hitter in the on-deck circle, and that was the pitch that caused anarchy in the U.K.? Here’s a protip, Juan, mindful that you’ve been one of the better Giants over the past year: the bigger problem in that at-bat was that you swung at two pitches that almost bounced in the grass.

Also of note: Hey, umpires, don’t follow arguing players into the dugout after the game is over, you weenies. This is especially directed to that bite-sized little feller behind the plate. You’re supposed to be one of the stewards of the game. One of the wee little stewards. Act like it.

What a frustrating, miserable end to a game in which the Giants actually scored runs. The Giants came back from three runs back. Three runs! That’s a week’s worth. And it was all wasted.

Also, also of note: if the Giants' bullpen could stop blowing Lincecum wins, too, that’d be just swell.