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Post-game thread: Giants slug four hits, still lose to the Padres

I refuse to believe that the Padres are in the Giants' head. I don't think that Aaron Rowand or Nate Schierholtz are going up to the plate thinking, "Crikey, that's Clayton Richard. Clayton Richard! I just hope I make contact!"

I refuse to believe the Padres pitchers are this good. Richard, Latos, Gregerson, Adams, LeBlanc...there's a lot of talent there, but the five-year reunion of the 2010 Padres will probably feature a few waiver-wire drifters. This isn't a roster filled with perennial All-Stars, at least not right now.

I refuse to believe that the Giants are this wretched offensively. This is not a historically awful offense -- just a really, really, really bad one. A team that averages 1.29 runs per game, which is what the Giants have done in seven games against the Padres, would be the worst hitting team of all time. The Giants are just the worst hitting team of right now.

It's just an improbable series of flukes. A bunch of quirky, crappy flukes. David Eckstein hitting a walk-off home run out of Petco National Park. Matt Cain getting crushed on 0-2 counts. Each team throwing a one-hitter, with the Padres winning both. It's not a fluke the Padres are winning the season series -- the Padres have played better, for the most part -- but it's absolutely flukey that the Giants haven't won a single game despite a season ERA of 3.00 against them. It's an amazing sequence of events that just happen to screw the Giants at every turn.

But that doesn't mean that I don't want to put my fist through the plate-glass window right next to me. That doesn't mean that I don't want to drive my car into a monastery before setting the place on fire.

The only saving grace from tonight's game is that the Padres scored an insurance in the seventh, which made the wasted leadoff double barely sting at all. That was a nice touch.