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Post-game thread: Giants win again, torture us again

That was Tim Lincecum's worst start of the year. Eight innings, four hits, five walks, one run. He struggled with his command, and he had to deal with a ridiculously inconsistent strike zone. Yet he still made it through eight innings.

As frustrating as it is to watch Cain get cained with regularity, as frustrating as it is to watch Jonathan Sanchez lose one-hit games against the Padres, and as frustrating as it is to watch this offensive merry-go-round of outs, we get to watch Tim Lincecum. In a couple of decades, there's a chance we'll still be bitter that Lincecum didn't have a better supporting cast. That's not the first thing we'll remember, though. We'll remember that we got to watch Tim Lincecum, one of the best to ever pitch.

Also of note, the Brian Wilson/Kaz Matsui match-up was one of the most epic at-bats of all time. Of all time! That doesn't mean that it was enjoyable, though. Cripes.