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Post-game thread: Giants lose again

These are the kind of games that will happen when you don't have an offense. thought...I'm sorry. Look, Bengie Molina isn't a .330 hitter, Aaron Rowand isn't a .330 hitter, Nate Schierholtz isn't a .330 hitter, and Matt Downs isn't a .330 hitter. It's swell that they were doing so well, but that's not who they are. Maybe Pablo Sandoval is a .330 hitter, but not this month. This is a two-run team -- three runs when they're feeling frisky.

So what you have is a team that will live and die with their starting pitching. A shutout? Sure, the Giants will win those. A game in which the starting pitcher allows a single run? Well, unless it's Cain, the Giants have a decent chance of pulling a win out. But for the most part...


Bad offensive team is bad offensively. A few random hot streaks in April and May aren't going to change that. Remember the one guy we acquired who kind of, if you squinted, seemed like he could help the offense in the short-term? His wrist is filled with tapioca pudding, and those little nubby tapioca parts are all rubbing against the bone. Aubrey Huff seems like he could be a little better than Travis Ishikawa. That's worth, like, seventeen wins. Bang up job, front office.

The Padres are the speed and defense team that the Giants want to be, but they actually have players who can run from first to third without a break for buffalo wings at second.

Whatever. I'll be in the tub. And by "tub", I mean "drinking fifteen fingers of Maker's Mark."