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Post-game thread: Giants strand eleventy-twelve baserunners

I don't know, man. I fell asleep.

Just kidding. I played Fallout 3 on picture-in-picture, occasionally glancing up from an apocalyptic wasteland to watch the Giants' offense. Eventually, I got confused, and that made my head hurt. So I got a glass of water and rubbed my temples for a while.


  • Oh, that Zito.
  • At least they weren't completely shut down by Wade LeBlanc. Big cheers for small victories.
  • Hey, Eli Whiteside is up with a chance to make me look like a total moron! Let's hope he does!
  • Yeah, well, it would have been a lot cooler if he did. At least he worked the count full.
  • It's hard to complain to loudly about stranding eleventy-twelve baserunners when the other team strands eleventy-fourteen. The Giants had a ton of luck on the pitching side.
  • I would like the Giants pitching staff to stop walking people, please.
  • Brandon Medders probably couldn't crack the Pa...holy crap, what in the hell is wrong with Eric Byrnes's hair? Does he think he's on radio? I forgot what I was about to write. Cripes.
  • Freddy Sanchez: 2-4 with two doubles in San Jose. In case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't.