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Post-game thread: Cain finally gets some run support, Giants win

In the 76th game he started in 2009, on July 20th, Bengie Molina took his sixth walk of the season. In Molina's 18th game of 2010, he equaled that total, and his walk today led directly to a run.

Juan Uribe has seven walks this year, a total he didn't reach until July 7th of last year. Nate Schierholtz took 138 at-bats to reach seven walks last year, but did so in just 49 at-bats in 2010.

The sample sizes are small -- too small to make definitive statements, for sure -- but the trend sure is nice. The Giants came into today with a 8.0 walk rate, which is still lower than the league average, but much better than the 6.5% rate than last year. It's early, but maybe it's not bad idea to brush up on just how we can recognize Hensley Meulens for his work.

The Giants welcomed three very good teams into Mays Field this past week, and they took the series from all three. Fantastic.

Also, with this win, the Giants have improved to .500 in games in which the starting pitcher only allows one hit. Excelsior!