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Post-game thread: Giants sweep the Astros

I’ll make a deal with you, Giants. You can keep hitting into double plays, one right after the other, inning after inning, middle infielders tumbling over each other before throwing to first. All I want in return is for the starting pitchers to not give up an earned run all season....dammit, Rowand, I’m not saying you should have caught that, but I’d feel better if you weren’t even close...oh, and now Affeldt gives up a slow dribbler that costs an inherited run. Last year, Affeldt would come in and get two-hop rockets right to the shortstop. This year, it’s just the opposite, so we’re all doomed, and...

Wait! Now the Giants are getting doubles and three-base errors! This team is awesome!

...okay, you can stop hitting now. Seriously. Save it for the Braves.

Oh, man, that was so beautifully ugly.

Renteria’s matched his hits total from last year. Congratulations! And one more home run from John Bowker, and the Giants will have matched their home run total from their right fielder from last year.

I hate the first month of the season in a way. Jose Cruz, Jr. is a franchise player, Edgardo Alfonzo is back, Pablo Sandoval isn’t ready for the majors yet...there’s no freaking closure. Everything is a mirage except the things that aren’t.

Eh, what else can we do? The Giants are the best team in baseball, and this is more of a scientific fact than an opinion. Three wins, no losses! Fine work, fellas.

And Mike Scott can still suck it