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Post-game thread: Wellemeyer shines, Giants hit

Hi, Edgar!
Hi, Edgar!

It has to be hard to be Todd Wellemeyer. The Madison Avenue take on the Giants’ rotation:

Dazzling changeups! Biting curveballs! Sizzling fastballs! Darting sliders! And Todd Wellemeyer.

Night after night he’d have to watch his peers go out and befuddle the opposition, and when it was finally his turn to shine..Todd Wellemeyer was Todd Wellemeyer was Todd Wellemeyer. I wanted to defer to Dave Duncan’s expertise on this; there had to be something to Wellemeyer that I’d missed. What we saw in the previous three Wellemeyer starts was a pitcher with unimpressive stuff and unimpressive command -- where Tim Lincecum mixes the two like peanut butter and jelly, Wellemeyer was often working on his very own licorice and weevil sandwich.

Tonight was much, much better. It’s not time to push the throttle forward to full optimism -- there were a few hittable pitches that, for whatever reason, weren’t hit -- but it was a fine, workmanlike performance that hinted at more fine, workmanlike performances in the future. That’s all a team should expect from a fifth started plucked from the free bin.

Fine work, Todd. Of course, it’s not a problem if Wellemeyer slips up again and leaves the Giants looking for a fifth starter. There’s always Nate Schierholtz