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Post-Game Thread: Unkempt, dreadlocked hobo makes children cry

I’m sorry. We didn’t deserve that. What have we ever done to deserve a home run hit by an an aging, slow, roided-up freak of hitting legend? The Giants wouldn’t inflict that sort of pain on another team. So this game was a bunch of unfair nonsense. Have some respect for the game, Los Angeles.

Urf. The Giants were close to a series win -- so close. Zito pitched well but got cained. The Giants were patient enough against Failbeard, walking a bunch, but they couldn’t hit him. Understandable. That’s kind of Kershaw’s thing.

I don’t want to punch a wall after that one, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because Sergio Romo has favored nation status around here, and I can’t flip out over a bi-weekly hanging slider. Maybe it’s because last year’s first trip into the blue outhouse was such a discouraging debacle. Maybe it’s because the Maker’s Mark has been flowing since the sixth, and it’s a perfect day outside. Bad game. Screw it. Move on.

Stupid Dodgers. Stupid game.