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Post-Game Thread: Giants, Lincecum Dominate

I don't want to keep going back to the "last year's team wouldn't have been able to have a game like this" cliche. For one, it's pretty much the same danged team. We joke about Hensley Meulens being made of patient, rated-rookie magic dust, but a new hitting coach can't have this much of an impact just a couple weeks into the season. The Giants are hitting right now, but it doesn't have to mean anything.

I'm pretty sure, though, that last year's team wouldn't have been able to wait out a knuckleballer. There's no factual support for that, of course, but watching Aubrey Huff spit on fluttering pieces of flotsam felt like a wholly new experience.

Also of note: 11 games, three shutouts. That ties the Nationals total from last year.

Great game.