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Post-Game Thread: The Giants lose a close one that wasn't that close

You don't want to read anything more about this game. C'mon. Let's just forget about it. It was the fifth-starter game. Heck, it was against the Dodgers' Opening Day Pitcher! We couldn't have expected anything more. There isn't anything to add. Well, I did have one thought that crossed my mind tonight...

No, no. You don't want to read it. The less written about this game the better. I mean, the thing I was thinking is pretty enlightening. It's kind of a strange but illuminating take on what baseball means, both in the micro and macro sense. But this isn't the time nor place to start waxing philosophical about baseball, the Giants, and our place in the universe.

I guess it wouldn't hurt just to give you the Cliff Notes. Tonight's game kind of fit in with a larger theory I've been working on -- a grand theory of baseball unification, if you will. I hope you don't think this is too presumptuous, but here goes:

Vicente Padilla is not a handsome man.