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Post-Game Thread: Giants take game, series

Who had April 14th for the Huff inside-the-parker/Whiteside three-run-homer pool? Collect your winnings....

Number of games with 8+ IP from Jonathan Sanchez:

2009: 1
2010: 1

For as long as Sanchez has been with the team, it feels like he's some 22-year-old just a season removed from pitching for Old Dominion, or something. Even when he was pitching well and flashing his potential, he wasn't going deep into games. He'd hit 100 pitches around the fourth inning, usually with as many walks as strikeouts. Some day, we'd all think, even though the dude's already 27.

It's only the Pirates, of course, but that's a hollow disclaimer. All bow to the second-best game of his career. The fastball was often well-placed, and the slider was nasty.

I'll just leave this right here: