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Post-Game Recap: Giants lose a close one

I’ll accept it. If the Giants aren’t really an .800 team -- if they’re going to lose more than 40 games this year -- I’d prefer they do the get-a-million-baserunners-without-scoring thing instead of the consistently-end-an-inning-on-six-pitches-and-three-grounders gag. They’re hitting. Bengie Molina is like a jolly Barry Bonds right now. Other players in the lineup are hitting line drives and taking walks -- the right sequence just wasn’t there tonight.

This is the calm that follows a loss when a team is winning. Breathe in through the nostrils, and out through the mouth. The ‘27 Yankees had games like this.

So did the ‘09 Giants, of course. That's not the point.

Man, that was a frustrating game. Silver lining: in the past, the Giants would have found a way to hang the loss on Matt Cain. Progress!