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Post-Game Recap: The winning streak ends

It had to happen eventually. The good news is this: the game was boring. It was a close game until the seventh inning, but it was still boring. The Giants had chances to score, but the Braves managed to funnel them all toward Eli Whiteside, who is the very model of a backup field general, of ineffective bat and speed, and a glove that’s supposed to be ethereal...but wasn’t really so great tonight.

The good: Todd Wellemeyer could have put a lot of pressure on a tired bullpen. Glory be to he for going deep into the game.

The bad: The rest of it. Pablo Sandoval is an error machine when he isn’t hitting into double plays. The game was dreadfully boring. Oh, and the Giants scored two runs even though they walked nine times.

Nine times. I think that’s a record for Sabean-era teams that didn’t feature Barry Bonds.

Screw it. Bad night. Stare into this for ten minutes, and when you’re done, you’ll forget all about it. That’s all we can...



Oooooh! "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" is on!

Also, the ugly: Randy Johnson