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Giants win game, World Series chances improve

Quick, non-serious thoughts:

  • Brian Wilson has apparently lost his closer's job, as he came into the game in the fifth inning. I can't believe the Giants would do that.
  • Lincecum was a lock to start Opening Day, but even that's in doubt now. If he can only go one inning in his starts, he'll put a lot of stress on the bullpen. This reminds me of his early struggles last year, and we all know that he didn't recover from that.
  • Buster Posey has real problems with balls that hit the backstop on the fly. Look out, Fresno. If he can't catch pitches six feet above his head, maybe he does need more seasoning.
  • Aubrey Huff's home run proves he should be the cleanup hitter, and...wait, he really is the cleanup hitter? Well, that's not funny.
  • The offense, if it maintained an eight-run-per-game pace, would shatter every team offensive record in the books. Not bad for a team that most of you haters said was "awful", "repugnant","abominable", "ugly", "horrific", "ghastly", "dreadful", "abominable", "appalling", and "depressing." You were all wrong.
  • I don't know Ricky Orta, but I don't like him. Thomas Neal is probably writing the same thing on his blog right now.

It was pretty danged nice to listen to some baseball again, even if there isn't anything meaningful to take from it.