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Jeremy Affeldt signed to an extension

This, according to Bob Nightengale of the USA Today. If I'm getting this right, the Giants give Affeldt a $500K raise this season in exchange for a $4.5M option for 2011 that has a $500K buyout. It's an unusual extension, for sure, though it makes sense. If Affeldt gets hurt or is ineffective, he's guaranteed $1M more than if he kept his current contract. If Affeldt has another good year, the Giants can bring him back at a third of the cost of Brandon Lyon.

Ha. Brandon Lyon. Remember: Sabean could be Ed Wade. The grass is often browner on the other side of the septic tank.

Solid, low-risk deal. Paying $4M/$5M for a middle reliever isn't exactly a bargain -- even considering his fluky-good double play magic last year, FanGraphs only had him as a $3M player -- but in an organization that's hooked on cost certainty, there are always worse options out there.