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Sunday morning coming down, dumping links

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I'd totally buy this comic book.
I'd totally buy this comic book.

CMU alumni meet in World Series -

"Just this past week two Central Michigan University graduates found themselves on Major League Baseball’s biggest stage in the 2010 World Series. On one side there was Mark Grusbeck, assistant athletic trainer for the San Francisco Giants. On the other side was Kevin Harmon, assistant athletic trainer for the Texas Rangers."

Part of me thinks they were friendly and amazed at the coincidence. Another, more amused, part of me likes to think that they've been rivals for a couple of decades. Love triangles, violent games of quarters, and dorm pranks gone horribly awry all leading to the World Series, and when the Giants won, Harmon said, "Curses!"

Life-long Giants fan Manny Auerbacher finally gets to see his team win another World Series

"After getting smacked around at school for three days, Auerbacher finally figured out what the Irish hooligans wanted him to say. He told them he was a Giants fan. The beatings stopped. A love affair that has endured for more than 70 years began. He's been a devoted Giants fan ever since."

I, for one, will always support violence when it is used on children for the purposes of converting them to Giants fans. I love reading about a) old-timey Giants fans finally getting a chance to celebrate, and b) New York fans who never switched over to the Mets or Yankess. This article has them both.

Carl Steward: Enduring years of San Francisco Giants frustration makes World Series success taste that much sweeter - San Jose Mercury News

"Today, it's as if McCovey's line drive finally went through. And the earthquake didn't happen. And Spiezio struck out. And Snow was safe. Giants fans are finally free and fulfilled, liberated from 52 years of title-less infamy in San Francisco."

Probably the most thorough cataloging of what it was like to be a San Francisco Giants fan before they won the World Series.

C H A R T B A L L : Posters

This is like Xanthan, but in wall form. No batteries.

A Giants Blogger Post-World Series - Viva El Birdos

I answered a few questions for Viva el Birdos, and not one of them referenced Candy Maldonado's flying burrito. I regret that now.

Baseball America Prospects Blog | Anderson’s Walk-Off Ends Entertaining Rising Stars Game

Brandon Belt was 0-2 in the game, but he also had three hard-fought walks, and one of the outs was an opposite-field shot that was stolen by Ben Revere. Belt had amazingly tough, patient at-bats against hard-throwing lefties all game.

Threepeat! Threepeat! Threeeeeeepeat!