Dodgers Closing In On Deal With Juan Uribe: MLB Rumors -

Well, this stinks. I wouldn't want to give Uribe a third year, but the Giants' shortstop situation is kind of a mess without Uribe. Manny Burriss, come on down! This would sting far worse than the Kent defection. At least the Dodgers would think about a Giants World Series victory four or five times a game for the next three years. Q: Did you ever make an offer for Jayson Werth? Colletti:: In a word: no. If we had signed Werth or [Carl] Crawford, we would have been without [Juan] Uribe, [Hiroki] Kuroda, [Jon] Garland, [Ted] Lilly, [George] Sherill, [Kazuki] Nishijima, and [Jay] Gibbons -- obviously not being able to field a competitive team, especially from an experience standpoint, given our level of spending.