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Sunday Comment Starter

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Give a moment, at-bat, or pitch that was very important to the World Series title run, but probably isn't going to show up in the highlight reel of the 2010 season. Mine...


Pitch #3. Ben Francisco -- a good hitter against lefties -- was up with a runner on third and one out in the sixth inning of NLCS Game Six. Madison Bumgarner's velocity had been down throughout his relief appearance, and this was his second inning of work. He threw two sliders in the dirt to Francisco, and he needed to come in with a fastball on a 2-0 count.

Francisco fouled it straight back with a mean swing. It's probably a pitch that wakes him up at night. It had to be the exact pitch he was looking for. He was just millimeters away from getting the ball in the air and scoring a run. He was probably less than an inch away from hitting it to Scranton. He then took a terrible swing on a 2-1 changeup, and he was called out on a pitch that looked much better on television than it did on Gameday

That 2-0 fastball is the pitch I can't stop replaying in my mind. Maybe the Giants win in a seventh game if Francisco hits a fly ball or better. Heck, maybe the Giants come back and win that game anyways. Something about the situation, though, makes me feel like that's the exact moment we were all sucked into the alternate dimension. If I were a hack, I'd give the at-bat a catchy name, like "The Ben Francisco Treat." But I'm so much better than that.

Your underrated moment, if you will....